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If you're looking for a "trophy animal" or your a breeder (or not) and will ONLY BE HAPPY with a Great Dane with a patch of this here or a patch of that over there or, front only white paw tips or a little flash here or a little flash there, we can sometimes - deliver this, but not always. Additionally, size, gender, temperament, disposition, color (s), marking (s) or lack of any of this, is not guaranteed.

What our Great Dane mom's deliver is up to her and mother nature. The best thing to do is if you want a specific puppy with specific markings or lack of, the best way to achieve this is to get us a deposit for a FUTURE litter ASAP, and we'll be able to give you first pick on this future litter to get exactly what you want or as close to that as the Great Dane offers us.



If you see a puppy in our lineup that is especially appealing to you, it's best to send us a deposit asap (if the release date has NOT yet arrived) and we will mark it reserved for you. If the release date HAS ARRIVED already, just come out right away to choose that puppy. I as the breeder work hard to breed particularly attractive puppies and this is done with much effort on my part. I the breeder reserve the right to keep or sell THE PICK OF THE LITTER / SHOWCASE puppy. When this puppy is selected by the breeder and IF it is offered for sale, it will be at a price point the breeder decides and will offer it to whomever wishes to purchase that puppy. This pup is identified as "pick of the litter / showcase puppy.


Pick of the litters / showcase puppies prices will be higher in price and are normally purchased by someone with the intent of selected breeding and will receive certain breeders rights as dictated by us. Prices are determined on a case by case basis.


We will send you a brief questionnaire for us to determine if your a good match for one of our puppies. If your response indicates our Great Dane will have a great environment to thrive in, we will then email you instructions (our address) to submit your deposit and our personal number to tex or call. This will be the same address you will pick up your puppy at. We are in zip code 46748 - Huntertown, Indiana and have been in this location for almost 20 years. Texts are preferred.


We will email you that it has been received and mark that puppy reserved FOR YOU ONLY. If the deposit is on a future unborn litter, when pups are born, we will email you a birth notice and a release date and mark that litters selection of your reserved as soon as you are able to make your selection. No one else will select pups until you have done so. We do expect prompt selections as no to hold up other families.

Release dates are when the pups reach 8-10 weeks of age. The exact release date is determined by the breeder based on calendar dates (weekends), weather, any special accommodations for puppy buyers that need to be addressed, schedules, successful weaning of puppies etc..

When the release date arrives, we will work with everyone with deposits to pick up pups on a designated day and time of their convenience. This is usually on a Saturday or Sunday but again whatever is best for you. Everyone is expected to be on time or early. Pick ups on same day as others, everyone is scheduled 20 minutes apart to avoid too many people arriving at one time, & tripping over one another. Again - Your expected to arrive ON TIME or EARLY. If you do not show up for your selection a your requested date and time, you automatically forfeit that deposit.

Each individual/family (depositor), will enter into the puppy selection area after the preceding puppy buyer exits with their selection/choice and they may begin to love their puppy. Once a puppy is reserved/selected, you may not change your selection UNLESS there are unreserved pups remaining. If there is, your welcome to switch pups.

If you make a deposit, we will work with you to set up a future date of YOUR choice, for you to come out, when the puppies are ready to depart their parents. This is called the "RELEASE DATE".

A deposit is not required but is recommended to ensure you will get a puppy. If your REALLY particular on what you want in terms of specific looks or markings, get a deposit in right away, the sooner the better but again, we DO NOT and CAN NOT guarantee anything when it comes to the pups except a health guarantee when applicable / full price with papers are paid.


If you DO NOT arrive on time, you will need to wait until the present family has completed their purchase then we will shift our attention to you. If you do not show up or call, you loose your deposit.

You may personally visit our puppies online as often as you like until they are ready to leave our family and join yours. Puppies cannot depart their parents until 8-10 weeks old (developmental progress being met can affect dates) and always after we administer their first shots, remove tails and claws and they pass their 6 week old physicals by our licensed Veterinarian.


NO sales tax is charged on any of our puppies.

You may put down a non-refundable $100.00 deposit (if desired) before/after the pups are born and receive an email acknowledgement of your deposit. If you wish to pay a deposit with a personal check or cashiers check, you may do so for deposits, but we only accept cash for final payment at the time of pick up - NO EXCEPTIONS...

A deposit will be the only thing that will ensure a puppy to you as we sell our puppies on a first come first served basis. If a puppy is not marked RESERVED or SOLD on our web site, it is available!!!

A deposit will not be accepted unless there are pups from a present or forthcoming litter.

Your submitting a deposit acknowledges your aware of our policy/procedure and you agree to this... No deposits are ever returned...

All puppies regardless of price, come with our paid receipt showing price paid and 1 year health guarantee when purchased. Pedigree papers are mailed within 14 days of puppy purchase.


If you do not EMAIL OR TEXT the day of - your designated pick up time/date we coordinated with one another, we reserve the right to sell your puppy to someone else and you will forfeit your deposit. If you do not coordinate an alternate pick up date on or before your designated pick up date, we will not hold your puppy for you any longer.


We offer a 1 year guarantee for all our puppies! This covers any genetic or hereditary health issues that may come up in the puppies first year of life.

Click on our FAQ page for this and all puppy pricing. Puppies will be up to date on vaccinations and wormers at the time of purchase and are expected to be in good physical condition at the time of delivery to the buyer. You must have the puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of the pick up date. If the vet finds the puppy to have a serious genetic defect or condition, other than a bacterial infection which is easily treated such as coccidia or giardia, we will replace it with another puppy of equal or comparable quality after it has been returned. This does not cover cherry eye, pink eye, though rare. You must have proof of final vaccinations by your vet within the specified time period. We use the services of an established, brick and mortar reputable and licensed Veterinarian locally.

Shot records are recorded at our Vet and copies will be given to you for your puppy at the time of pick up / purchase.

We offer NO health guarantee on any paid, "discounted", puppy. Any"discounted" puppies will receive NO HEALTH CARE GUARANTEE! Any price paid below our regular full price point constitutes a"discounted" puppy. NO, health care guarantee for any genetic or hereditary health issues are covered. Part of our regular full price incorporates "insurance" against any genetic or hereditary health issues.


Puppies may be "discounted" due to their colorings / markings as determined by us, we have sold our pedigree puppies without our 1 year health guarantee &/or without papers for a reduced price. Most people choose this option simply to save money and don't breed their pups.

Additionally, due to a high volume of puppies we may have, we may want to reduce our litters faster by reducing our prices. This helps us avoid having to raise our normal everyday full price due to increased costs for shelter, food and maintenance. We do try to carefully monitor our puppy volume but sometimes nature has a way of over ruling our efforts. These are the only reasons a puppy would be"discounted" as mentioned herein. Regardless of the price you pay, we reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone we feel your not the best possible fit for one of our puppies. Please don't be offended if we feel you are not the best fit for your desired puppy. This is rare and we usually will not make a mistake and sell a puppy to an undesirable buyer. We don't want to see our Great Danes mistreated or on 6' leashes tied to a railing 24 hours a day. We prefer families that can enhance our Great Danes life's and vice versa.

In the event we have a "discounted" puppy, it will still receive all of it's required 6 week old shots, dew claws removed, tails docked and still receive a certified physical from our licensed veterinarian. Our pups parents are either CKC and/or AKC certified.

Any "discounted" puppy regardless of reason for discount, may get our 1 year health guarantee & papers by simply paying the Health Care Guarantee price. Simply ask us if we have any "discounted" puppies and pay for the 1 year health care guarantee and with your paid receipt you will get the 1 year health care guarantee certificate.

Click on our FAQ page on our web site for all current pricing on our puppies


We can pack PREPAID puppies in appropriate live animal containers and deliver to airline counters for you. We will ship puppies once they are fully paid, checks have cleared (even certified funds) at your complete expense. Once puppies are signed for by airline staff, our job is done and the sale is complete.


Breeder reserves the right to alter any process at anytime at their discretion with or without prior notice and also reserves the right (though it has never happened yet) to refuse a sale to any depositor with NO deposit refund! Once our screening is complete, there should be no issues.

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